Single-Use, No Clean-up, Bio-Secure

Tired of dirty, leaky, messy bottles of partially dissolved colostrum? Fed up with electrolyte products that turn to unusable rocks after being opened?

Try Oxford Ag’s Electrolyte and Colostrum products in the Perfect Udder® Feeding System and you will never tear the top off of another foil pouch again.

Brand New from Oxford Ag!

the RanchKIT

Be prepared for Calving Season with the RanchKit from Oxford Ag. It’s ready when you need it, just FILL, SHAKE & FEED.


  • 3 Doses of Colostrum100 Supplement
  • 3 Doses of Colostum150 Replacer
  • 6 Doses of Electrolyte Premium Solution


  • 12 Disposable Esophageal Feed Tubes
  • 1 Perfect Udder® Reusable Nipple Assembly
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Colostrum Supplement


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Colostrum Replacer

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Electrolyte Solution

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