100g of Globulin Protein in Each Dose!

Use Oxford Ag Colostrum100 Supplement

  • When it is likely that the calf has access to some colostrum but a margin of safety is necessary

  • When Your Calf Needs a Boost

  • Questionable Colostrum in a Heifer

  • Twins

  • Inclement Weather

Why a 100g Supplement?

It's Simple Math.

Passive Transfer requires a Minimum of 10g/L of Blood

  • An average calf has 3.6L of Blood
  • If 50G goes into the calf
  • 35% Absorption is the Absolute Best we can hope for = 17.5g

Do the math. A 50g product will only produce, at best, 4.9G/L.

Oxford Ag’s Colostrum100 Supplement would deliver 9.8g/L and our Colostrum150 Replacer would deliver 14.6g/L

Each Case Includes:

  • 10 individual doses of Oxford Ag Colostrum100 Supplement packaged in convenient Perfect Udder® Feeding System Bags
  • 10 easy-to-use, disposable esophageal feed tubes
  • 1 Nipple

Price: $345.00

Buy a Case!

Single Dose Includes:

  • 1 individual dose of Oxford Ag Colostrum100 Supplement packaged in convenient Perfect Udder® Feeding System Bag
  • 1 easy-to-use, disposable esophageal feed tubes

Price: $37.00

Buy a Single Dose!
Colostrum100Supplement_BagImage2Oxford Ag’s Colostrum100 Supplement contains 100g of globulin protein and is derived from high-quality dried colostrum, not serum or blood. It is specially formulated to allow complete mixing without the whisk workout.

Other colostrum products require many other tools in order to be fed –a bucket, a whisk, a bottle and nipple or drench bag. And after using all these items, you still need to clean them.

Not so with Oxford Ag Colostrum100 Supplement. It is packaged in a Single-dose Perfect Udder® bag that is ready when you need it.

Just Fill it with warm water, Shake it to dissolve the Colostrum Supplement, and Feed it. After the calf has consumed the entire contents, throw the disposable bag away.

Colostrum100 Supplement Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, Min 47.00% 156.98g
Crude Fat, Min  20.00 %  66.80g
Crude Fiber, Max  0.10 %  0.33g
Calcium, Min  0.70% 2.33g
Calcium, Max  1.00 %  3.34g
Phosphorus, Min  0.50 %  1.67g
Salt, Min  0.40%  1.33g
Salt, Max  0.80%  2.67g
Sodium, Min  0.20%  0.66g
Sodium, Max  0.50%  1.67g
Vitamin A, Min  30000  IU/lb.  66000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3, Min  5000  IU/lb.  11000 IU/kg
Vitamin E, Min  100 IU/lb.  220 IU/kg
Ascorbic Acid, Min  50.00 mg/lb.  110 mg/kg
Globulin protein, Min 30.00%  100g